Courage + Promises

February was a month of pause, rest, listening.

March has been a month of action and energy. Do you feel it too?

It's really easy for me to get caught up in the busy swirl and want to do everything. But as I learn more about the Divine Feminine's invitation of Nourishment I begin to fully understand what that means to me.

Nourishment is listening to your body, mind, and soul. Some days the body wins and other days the soul.


Nourishment is honoring yourself by giving your body, mind, and soul what it needs to survive in the world today.

As I grow and learn about myself, I begin to recognize what I need on a daily basis.

Meditation is a really helpful tool to learn how to tune into your body, mind, and soul in order to listen and honor what it needs.

Sometimes that involves making hard choices. It takes courage to listen and to say no to things that you think would give you joy and pleasure in the near future, because in the Present something else makes you feel good.

Let me elaborate.

Have you ever wanted to go to an event but deep down in your gut you know it would be better to stay home? You think you'll have a good time and you don't want to disappoint who you're meeting so you force yourself to attend and then have a terrible time. Ever happen to you?

Guess what? You always know. You always have the answer. Most of us just ignore whatever the answer is and do what we want anyway. Whereas, if we listen to ourselves and honored what our body/mind/soul are trying to communicate to us, we would FEEL a lot better. And feeling good is the primary intention.

I've experienced this scenario many times and just now I am really starting to listen.

I want to go out and do things that I know will be good for me on some level / plane of existence, but is it what will feel good right NOW? What is my Present body/mind/spirit saying to me? It's saying don't go to the thing and see my friends and group meditate. It's saying that when I come home after group meditation I will not FEEL good because I wouldn't have had time for eating, showering, meal plan/prep, updating a few documents, and I can't forget, RESTING my body.

I know these things. So I make a hard choice between both things I want to do. I make the choice for my highest good. I make the choice for PRESENT Meaghan, not future Meaghan. I make the choice based off of my feelings now. What will be better to me? Going to group meditation and not having time to shower and meal plan? Or will it feel better to get some social and spiritual time in with group meditation?

The truth is I can meditate at home (which I plan to) and it's more important to me - it makes me feel better - to make the choice to stay home and do the things I need to do. Not because I can't do them tomorrow. Not because I secretly don't want to go.  Because that's what feels good in the moment.

Now, living our lives this way can involve breaking promises to others. Which reminds me not to make them in the first place.

I don't have commitment issues I promise. And I actually LOVE to plan things and prefer to have the future sorted out and known to me. But the fact of the matter is that I don't know how I am going to FEEL tomorrow, or Saturday, or 2 months from now.

I totally understand organizing and planning to an extent are entirely necessary but when it comes to the things in our lives that are optional, make sure you're making the choice for yourself, in the present moment, based on what will make you feel good.

I didn't get to see my friends tonight and group meditate but that's okay because maybe next week I will feel that's what I need - but I'll let next week me decide that.