Blowing Away Anger

I was raging today.

I was a storm inside.

I blasted Carrie Underwood's “Blown Away” on the way home.

I was annoyed and frustrated.

The only feeling I wasn't feeling was love.

Despite reading a great article about Sarah Silverman today, I still raged. I knew I had to go home and meditate on this anger and to quell what I was feeling.

About 3 minutes in to Mary Maddux’s Guided Meditation for Anger on the Insight Timer App, I lost it. I realized why I was so angry at certain people today and recently.

I have learned this year from spiritual teachers such as Meg Haines and Marianne Williamson that what isn’t Love is a call for Love.

But I didn’t want to give away Love freely. 

What did they do to deserve it except annoy me? What would I get in return from showing them compassion? 


I let the anger and hurt flow through me (cue Darth Sidious). I felt through it. I asked God, angels and guides to help me see the situation and those people differently. 

On the other side of the anger lurked more feelings that I didn't know were there. I discovered that the anger and frustration churning in my gut was a cause that surprised me and I was able to breathe through that and gain wisdom and understanding.

I pulled an angel card after I finished the mediation and was gifted the messages of higher learning, being honest and assertive in a loving way, and creating the change I want to see in the world. 

And that change begins with me and the way I express myself. Above all I must live and speak my truth; not conform to the anger and negativity of others. Like the Little Engine That Could, I continue on the tracks, allowing Love to lead the way. 

I’m not sure if this will cure my frustration but I know in my heart that every situation is an opportunity to learn about myself and others.

It starts with me. And an open heart, interacting with others with the highest degree of integrity, compassion, and Love. 

I wonder what would happen if I began to approach every person as an opportunity to allow more Love in my life in each moment of every day? 

With my heart wide open,