How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You? The Story of Six Hawks

This is the story of Spirit and Six Hawks.

About a month ago I had a great experience. I created my own experience.

It was one of the first times that I visualized and created for myself my "ideal day". It's an exercise that many spiritual mentors and coaches recommend and I do too. It started out with tea and a lovely breakfast with my boyfriend.

Let me tell you how mine went down and how amusing my experience was...or at least to me!

I'll preface this post by saying that Hawk is one of my main spirit animal and guides. Hawk is present when Focus needs to occur. Spirit sends Hawk to me when something important is happening and asks me to pay attention.

Whether we recognize them or not, Spirit is always sending us messages. Many of us have not surrendered to Spirit yet and have not allowed themselves to see those messages but they are there nonetheless, waiting to teach us something, if we ask. 

Messages from Spirit can come in many forms and often have different meanings for everyone. What Hawk means to me, may carry a different meaning for someone else. The symbolism is special, important, and specific to YOU - how cool!

Yet sometimes we don't allow the messages that Spirit sends us to come through. Life distracts us from connecting to our inner wisdom, intuition, higher self, Spirit, and the Universe. Sometimes Spirit keeps sending us the same messages over and over again until the lesson has been learned or the wisdom of the message has been received.

A bad and blurry photo with my iPhone of Hawk

A bad and blurry photo with my iPhone of Hawk

And then sometimes it's so obvious it's hilarious.

So a month ago I began my ideal day. I slept in and woke up without an alarm. I made myself tea. I meditated outside in nature within 15 minutes of waking up. My boyfriend made us a healthy and delicious breakfast and we ate on the deck and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Soon after we began eating, I heard a shrill sound: "kee-eeeeeeee" from what I believe was either a Broad-winged Hawk or a Cooper's Hawk - it's hard to tell when they're flying over you!

My boyfriend and I look overhead and see Hawk, flying about 25 feet above us. I stopped to take in Hawk's Presence as I knew something important needed to be acknowledged. Hawk disappeared after a few minutes and I thanked him and went about my morning.

It was a great day. I blogged and worked on my mastery course and did the things I wanted to do. I felt that Hawk's arrival on this morning was significant to that point. That it felt really good to be doing these things and actualizing my ideal day.

Later on, I was driving an hour and a half to a photo shoot with a friend when I see 2 more hawks on one highway and 2 more on a different highway. Not up in the sky flying but like above my car or in front of my car. I kept paying attention to what I was thinking, saying, doing in those moments: enjoying a podcast about money and reflecting.

"Okay, I'm listening." My mind gets quiet so I can observe and witness. Like, I'm REALLY paying attention now....I've already seen 5 hawks today what else do you want me to know??

Right after I saw the 4th hawk, no joke, I look at the car in front of me and it's an SUV with the license plate THEHAWK. I do not jest. If it was not illegal to handle your phone while driving in New Hampshire I would have taken a photo.

I burst out laughing.

Really, Spirit, really?

There was obviously a message that needed to hit home more than a few times to make me realize it.

The information I received that day was reassurance to continue doing what feels good and pay attention to what doesn't so that I can let that go from my life.

Podcasts and law of attraction and blogging and spiritual courses and tea and yoga and meditation feel good.

I couldn't help but literally LOL with gratitude that Spirit sent these messages to me via my favorite avian creatures. It was really a joy to experience Spirit in that way.

I encourage you to learn how to discover your own spirit animals, guides, and messages from Spirit and the Angels. It's easy as asking them.

With love and messages on wings,