This Post Sucks! What a Vacuum Taught Me About Resistance


This post could read like a review for the Dyson Animal but it's not.

Did you know that I like to clean? I also like the dentist.

I'm not quite sure where my affinity for things most people hate came from but nonetheless I like a clean mouth and floors.


Last year, I purchased a Dyson Animal and I was super excited about it. Why did I feel the desire to get such an expensive vacuum? Well, because the animal in our house really needs an Animal to control the amount of hair that comes off of her....¯\_(ツ)_/¯

After A LOT of research I decided that a Dyson would be the best vacuum for pet hair removal (ya know, because I need to have a clean house).

At first I was in love...So in love that I had my bf take photos of my blissed out state (plus the dog questioning its existence).

We've had the vacuum for almost a year and I'm a little less impressed with it. I have mixed feelings about the Dyson now. Don't get me wrong, the suction is SUPERIOR buuuuut a little too superior honestly. The suction on our carpet is SO intense that the vacuum tends to overheat. When it overheats, it literally takes two hands and the full strength of me pushing it forward to move it. It makes me sweat and it totally makes me like cleaning!

It works great on hard surfaces like linoleum and hardwood but carpets wear it out.

I'm really happy that it works and it does work well. All the suction serves a purpose, obviously, to get all kinds of dirt out of the fibers but in turn, the close contact and intensity makes it overheat and not work as well.

In other words, the more it's used, the more Resistance it pushes against me.

guilty hairy face

guilty hairy face

I got really unhappy with it. I considered selling it and started researching other vacuums. Then I started experimenting with what exactly made it overheat. The more I used the vacuum on any surface the higher the chance of it overheating and would take all my effort to clean the carpet.

Case in point, if I wanted it to work efficiently, I had to do the carpets first (and quickly!) and then the hard floors or otherwise risk the need for strenuous activity on my part. I admit I need to work out, but vacuuming is really not how I want to do that.

It got me thinking today as I zoomed around my apartment, rapidly sucking up dander, dust, and doggie hairs.

So many of us experience a lot of Resistance in our lives. We want to change but Resistance and doubt push us into inaction. We desire more money yet Resist learning the tools or taking the steps that will help improve our situation and thus we continue the cycle of unhappiness and unsatisfactory status quo.

To a certain degree, it is necessary to feel into Resistance. What I mean by that is feeling feelings. If you are feeling Resistance towards something (also called hesitation, doubt, or even fear) then you also must recognize that on the other side of Resistance is something greater. The whole reason you're feeling Resistance is because you're not satisfied with your current situation and you desire something greater. That something greater is what you really want in life and it's like trudging through mud or quicksand to get through the Resistance to the other side.

The first step is recognizing Resistance. The second step is plowing right into it, over it, past it, through it to get to the place of your DESIRE.

Like I learned with my Dyson, sometimes there's no way to avoid Resistance, but the way out is through.

Better yet, move so quickly that the Resistance doesn't even have time to appear.

I know that after 5 minutes of carpet cleaning the vacuum will resist me. If I vacuum the hard floors first and then try to do the carpets, it will overheat. So I do the carpets first and get them done before it starts to overheat.

Now that I know where Resistance may show up, I can devise solutions to get past it.

Resistance can create so much burnout and overheating. It sucks all of our energy.

Wouldn't it be great if we could acknowledge its existence for a minute, then suck it up and throw it away?

With a little less resistance and a whole lotta love,