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Hey, I'm Meaghan

and it's great to meet you! I want to thank you for visiting this site.

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My journey began about 4 years ago. I was depressed, working a job that wasn't a good fit for anyone, hurting from a friend's death, and disconnected from myself and God.

I re-connected with my friend and spiritual mentor Meg Haines, who was offering a transformation workshop. I joined. I surrendered. I began to scratch the surface of who I really was.  I left my job without fear and with complete faith that I would be guided to another opportunity that would help me grow...and it did.

2013 was a year of spiritual awakening for me and ever since, I've come closer and closer to home to my authentic self. With guidance from my mentor, Spirit, angel guides, meditation, and A LOT of self work, all of that growth and expansion has led me to this blog. To share with you the wisdom and experiences that I've been gifted.

I'm a soul on a journey and you're welcome to enjoy it with me. This is me with whole heart open.


With love, gratitude, and an abundance of blessings,